When Are Dental Implants the Solution?

Have you ever heard of people getting dental implants to replace missing teeth? Have you ever stopped and wondered if they might be the solution for you as well?

Dental implants are one of the most popular dental treatments for replacing missing teeth. People are getting them for a lot of reasons: they lost their teeth due to decay, an accident, they have baby teeth and wish to have them removed, they have little to no teeth at all due to frequent use of strong medications, they need to have a denture supported and overall just want to keep smiling.

Bellow is a very good video we found at https://www.advancedentalcostarica.com/dental-implants/ where Dr Eugenio Brenes explains the different stages of a tooth implant and other important information:

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Stages of Treatment

This procedure may imply a two or three stage treatment. After an initial evaluation, the specialist will determine if the patient has enough bone to hold the implants. If the patient does not have enough bone, then the following recommendation will be some bone graft. This would be the first stage. Once the bone graft has been done, it is recommended to wait a couple of months before moving on to the next phase of the treatment: the surgery.

Dental implants, as any kind of implants, require a surgery where they will be placed to left to adhere to the bone. In most cases it is recommended to wait around four months, an entire season if you wish, to give them enough time to heal before working on the restorations. In some cases, an immediate load of the final restorations may be done although it is unlikely since predictable results can not be guaranteed as well.

The final stage of getting implants is the restoration stage. The specialist will uncover the implants (tissue would have grown on top of it in those four months) and will place either the crowns over the implants or dental bridges.

Patients’ Common Concern

One of the most common concerns among patients is how will their smile look like in between phases? To give you some peace of mind: provisional teeth are placed between the time when the implants are placed and when they heal and are ready for your permanent fixed restorations. So, in the mean time, no one will be able to tell that your teeth were extracted and that you got dental implants placed. You can continue smiling.

So as you can see, the first “must” when thinking about implants is taking into consideration if the patient has sufficient bone or not in the desired area. Then, another important factor is patience. It is an excellent option for replacing teeth, if not the best, but it may require a time length that will require a patient to be, well, patient.

So go ahead, inquire about dental implants in your next visit to the dentist’s office. They just may be the solution you were hoping for but did not know existed. And the best part? It has been proven to provide both the patient and specialist with the predictable results that we all love when it comes to visiting your dentist.